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Meet the Organizers

Anders Taylor @anderstay

Project manager and event manager at the Startup Building.

Chris Padilla @thechrispadilla

Co-Founder Paragraph a UT/NYC startup. One of our apps was awarded by Apple best of 2013 in the Newstand.

Mo Reeder mauricereeder

Born in the South, educated in the Rockies, refined in the Bay Area. Being raised by my two little boys + a Yorkshire Terrier. Grizzly Bear wrestling, wood chopping, Vespa enthusiast, mustache growing, good listener. Community Organizer @ build.org General Manager @

Nathan Murray @provo_ecdev

Nathan works in the Mayor's Office helping draw new businesses to Downtown Provo and the StartUp District. He's also the father of twins and triplets.

Zenobia Taylor @Zoenobia

Zenobia Taylor recently graduated form Brigham Young University with a degree in Art History Business. She manages Provo Studio, an artistic studio space in South Provo
Provo Studio

Past Organizers
Dixon Holmes @provoeconodev
Tom Taylor

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Past Presenters



Clinkle is designing a new vision for money in the 21st century.

PPMdepot.com LLC


PPMdepot.com LLC provides entrepreneurs with limited budgets with high quality templates to draft a private placement memorandum (PPM) so they may raise capital from investors while satisfying the anti-fraud provisions of federal and state securities laws. These templates are used by some of the top securities law firms in the nation. Entrepreneurs that use PPMdepot.com can save thousands of dollars in legal fees but still maintain SEC compliance and protect themselves against charges of securities fraud.



SEO for small businesses

The Green Urban Lunchbox


The Green Urban Lunch Box runs numerous programs that utilize unused spaces to help provide food for vulnerable members of our community.

A product design consultancy focused on the startup and entrepreneur.

Cloud9 IDE


Cloud9 IDE is a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment that allows web and mobile developers to collaborate in remote teams.



BoomStartup is a mentorship-driven seed accelerator. We choose 10 tech companies to be part of a 12 week cohort. We do a $20K investment, surround them with industry expert mentors, and help them finish their fundraising with Demo Day.

U. S. Water Evolution Technologies, LLC - U.S. Wet, LLC


Our liquid technology is engineered to give soda fountain & coffee vendors preeminence in water, ice, & beverage quality, safety and maximum profit. Product solves challenge of combining soft water with carbonation; water is science-based flavor & sweetness enhancer; full-flavored beverages use less syrup or coffee. More efficient and controlled syrup to water ratios; renowned quality, taste & profit control Nearly eliminates all costs associated with hard water damage; all hard water problems evaporate.

Sales Rabbit, Inc.


Sales Rabbit is the most effective mobile app and cloud-based platform for sales companies on the go. This all-in-one app takes your sales team to the next level with sleek lead tracking features, simple rep management options, real-time leaderboards, and more. We have a SaaS business model.

The Spotted Door


The Spotted Door is an online store that features exclusively products made from recycled + reclaimed materials. Every item is held to one standard: it must be made from over 50% recycled content. Working with eco-conscious designers, artisans, craftsmen + innovators, we capture landfill-fated materials and give them a new existence. You can find items made from recycled rubber, or reclaimed wood, or plastic bottles, or hundreds of other recycled materials.



Izeni is a custom software development firm specializing in mobile, web, desktop, and telephony development.



A new twist on soda.



ImprovBroadway has set itself apart as Utah's premier musical theater improv troupe. Gathering stories and experiences from an audience, ImprovBroadway spontaneously crafts family-friendly musical comedies for crowds of all shapes and sizes. ImprovBroadway is a talented group of improvisers, musicians, singers, actors, entertainers, and — first and foremost — storytellers.

Telekinesis Entertainment


We're a film production company, and we make awesome films.

Making Things People Want

none yet

The "company" so far is a book. Speaking gigs, etc. will follow.

We believe events should be shared, attended, and experienced. We want events to succeed; we have their best interest at heart. So if you’re feeling left out, SpinGo can help.

Tracking First, LLC


We introduce automation and governance to your company's campaign analytics. Currently we only help Adobe Analytics clients, but soon we'll be branching out to service Google Analytics and other major vendors as well.

ClearPlex Corporation


ClearPlex is a wold leader in protective films used on car windshields and touchscreen devices. ClearPlex holds numerous patents on protective films and recently launched a disruptive technology that changes the way consumers protect their mobile devices. ClearPlex created a machine that allows stores to make screen protectors on-demand allowing a retail location to manufacture screen protectors for thousands of devices thereby increasing product offerings, reducing floor space requirements...

Flyboys Engineering


Flyboys Engineering is a CNC-based rapid-prototyping (additive and subtractive modeling) company focused on low-quantity, high-quality prototypes. Our goal is to provide an environment where all levels of creative process can take place. We are an invaluable resource for visionaries, inventors, college, non-college-bound student alike as they endeavor to imagine, develop, design, and create their full-functioning prototypes.

Flip offers a simple, intuitive medium for users to trade items they own for items that other users have listed. Like Tinder, Flip gamifies the search process by presenting users with random listed items based on location. If a user likes an item they discover, they can offer an item as a trade. The other user is then notified. If they like the offer, they can enter into a messaging conversation with the initial user to come to a final agreement and trading location.

Torch Paddles


Torch Paddles designs and builds the World's first lighted paddles. With night paddling continuing to grow in popularity, Torch Paddles is providing outdoor enthusiasts with most sleek and practical equipment on the market.



#MormonTinder (Tinder for Mormons)

Penny Pledge


Penny Pledge is a tool that allows anyone in the world to donate pennies to content on the web. Streamlining the donation and crowd-funding process, we make it easier for users to donate and support content they 'like.' For users, donating and supporting content is as easy as 3 clicks. For creators, we remove the need to clutter content with ads. For causes and charities, we provide a simple solution that encourages more people to get involved, donate, and support great needs.



Parental monitoring and controls platform for mobile devices.

Intelligent I.D. Solutions MedIDPlus

www.medidplus.com (Under Construction)

Helping people "Prepare for the unpredictable." With our Medical ID card and bracelet individuals can provide life saving emergency medical information to EMT's and family members when it is need to save a persons life.

Inside Coach LLC


Inside Coach is a motion detection technology with various sensors embedded in sport balls. It captures important data to help develop young athletes. Currently on kickstarter.

Kickstart Seed Fund


We are a seed fund. Our mission is to kickstart companies in the Mountain West by aligning technology creators, industry, entrepreneurs, and capital sources behind the funding and mentoring of seed investments.

Moo Shoe Wash


Moo Shoe Wash is a liquid detergent used to clean, sanitize, and freshen leather. Washing is the only way to really get deep down into leather, giving it a true clean and leaving a fresh, natural scent. Leather hasn't traditionally been washed, because it's been too difficult. Moo Shoe Wash changes that, and allows for washing of leather in water in a simple 3 step process. It's a leather shoe shampoo.

Campus Founders Fund


We're a student-run venture fund that invests solely in student-run businesses.



Tribes is a new social media platform that is group based. Now you can have a something like a 'family app' where only your family is on. And you can have as many Tribes as you want for all the different groups you belong to. It empowers people to be themselves with the people they want to bond with.

Social media ad platform that allows social media influencers to monetize their social pages. Engodo also enables content creators, brands, and agencies to generate large earned media results.

Bright Works PR and Marketing


Take control of your story. Every organization has something to say, but not many get heard. Bright Works helps you reach the right people, in the right way to effect the bottom line.

Musana is a 501(c)3 non-profit social enterprise that aims to break the cycle of poverty in Uganda through employing and empowering women. In addition to steady employment, artisans take classes in literacy, business, and health in order to ensure a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Awesome Geekness, L.L.C.


Though founded in 2007, we only started working full-time in May of this year after our previous company, Imagine Learning, was sold to Weld North. We create apps that could be categorized as "Awesome Geekness." Over the last 7 years, we did several part-time contracts and also created Tiki Kaboom, a physics dragger puzzle game. For the past 5 months, we set up our new office and worked hard to create Name Shark, and app to help people to "Stop forgetting names."



Networking & Contact Exchange App

We seek to strengthen connections to our childhood through playful and innovative soft goods products.

Utah Venture Entrepreneur Forum


The Utah Venture Entrepreneur Forum (formerly Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum) is a non-profit that has been serving Utah entrepreneurs for 25 years. Our mission is to recognize entrepreneurs, and connect them with mentors and capital.

Origami Retail Solutions


Origami is a simple to use, enterprise-scale analytics and business intelligence suite. In essence, we’re revolutionizing modern retail by giving tools to small and medium sized business managers and owners. The market has grown more mature and needs more than just luck and gut feelings. Decision makers need scientifically derived data that they can rely on to make informed business decisions. The major hurdles of traditional enterprise retail analytics suites are the expense, complexity, and access to quality raw data. To overcome this, Origami sits on top of a modern point of sale and inventory system that tracks and outputs quality, in-depth metrics that are usable, meaningful and have enough data points to give deep insights. Origami is automated so that business owners and managers do not require special knowledge, skill, or expensive consultants to gain insights. This gives them the ability to make better decisions in a natural and understandable way using scientifically generated information they can trust.

Create, produce and market board games, card games, and other products. About to launch new Kickstarter campaign for MADE IN THE USA card game.

Sculpting, drawing , painting, engraving, design,...



Grasswire is a real-time newsroom curated and fact-checked by everyone.

Peak Ventures


Peak Ventures started as an extension of our own experience as tech founders. Many markets, particularly Utah and the Mountain West, have no shortage of innovation and talent. But that’s not enough. We’ve assembled a team of investors that we wish had existed when we were raising money ourselves—self-made entrepreneurs who know the struggle, get out from behind their computer, and leverage their experience to increase the odds in an industry where more fail than succeed. So what?



Klickn is a new social media app that helps you find events, meet people, and live a life worth posting by taking your virtual life into reality. What Facebook did with macro-social, Klickn will do for geo-local social. Klickn helps you find your fun!

We're reinventing language learning through online gaming face to face with international users.



We help payment processors and large lenders maintain a healthy portfolio and comply with government regulation through our risk scoring engine and underwriting management system.

Wasatch Powder Monkeys


Wasatch Powder Monkeys manufactures the SwitchBlade roof rack system. It is an integrated gear management system that allows users to change out and store roof rack attachments without tools in seconds.

21 Zero


In addition to website and app fulfillment for large partners, we build Web apps and tools that let companies sell faster, quote more efficiently, and fulfill on projects faster.

LionHeart is a robust and yet simple and easy to use platform that is revolutionizing healthcare for the 65.7 million caregivers in the US. LionHeart is a mobile medical app and web platform that manages the daily medical needs of those with chronic conditions and syndromes, including: daily tracking, personal medical records, medical contacts, preparing for appointments, managing medications, and much more. In the simplest terms, LionHeart improves the patient-provider relationship.

Escape The Matrix LLC


Escape The Matrix LLC is a full service online marketing firm specializing in SEO, social marketing, and online supplement and weight loss sales.

Lucid Software Inc


Lucid Software is focused on building great graphical web applications that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the browser. Lucid's flagship products, Lucidchart and Lucidpress, have been recognized as the gold standard of visual communication tools in the cloud. Lucidchart has become one of the most popular diagramming apps on the web and the foremost alternative to Microsoft Visio, while Lucidpress utilizes the drag-and-drop functionality of its predecessor to create stunning print and digital content.

Ad It Up For Charity


Ad It Up For Charity is a Google Chrome Extension which inserts a non-obtrusive ad into the bottom of every page visited. All the money raised from ad placements will go to charity.



Aptitude is an online educational system that lets college students learn in the way that's best for them. Prior to a class they take a small pretest that adapts the instructional material to them and creates relevant practice problems. Professors can then view the analysis of the class or individuals progress and create more successful teaching lectures. Throughout the use of Aptitude for the students, their knowledge is constantly being reevaluated to ensure retention.

Purified water in a sachet. Great taste, great quality, great affordability.

Sentius helps small and independent healthcare providers grow through the practical application of Big-Data-driven business intelligence. We distill complex data, science and technology into fully automated services with easily understood visualizations, information delivery, and insight presentation. We offer providers shortcuts to better insights, wiser decisions, and improved patient care.



We make cell phone accessories that keep your phone germ free and looking like new.



PR and Marketing Communications

Clean Trails


Clean Trails is a non-profit. We are working to create a national network of trail stewards for our pristine wild places, collective community spaces and access points to our natural wonders.



We provide sports statistics and analytic services to collegiate and professional sports teams, starting with the sport of Volleyball. Giuseppe has a silver medal from coaching in the London 2012 Olympics, and he currently is part of the BYU Men's and Women's coaching staffs. As such, we have utilized his coaching expertise to craft video, breakdown, and statistical solutions that 1) save time for coaches and players, 2)

BizzBlizz, Inc.


BizzBlizz tool sets are designed to help any online merchant create social “markitectures” (market architectures) to build their business models. The ability to track relationships and interactions is the key, critical ingredient of social commerce and BizzBlizz has built every piece of their infrastructure to capture, manage, promote, and engage every possibility.

Pocket Film Fest


With a smartphone today, you can shoot, edit, and share experiences while the adventure is still happening. Whether it's a heartfelt vlog, journey of self discovery, spontaneous outburst of hilarity, music video, death defying action, or a feature film that's never seen a professional editing bay, we want to see what you can do with the best camera in the world: the one in your pocket.

Team Applications


Team Apps makes a soccer team communication and management app for the iPhone called "Gamer". Founded by Scott Barlow, Scott wanted an application he could use to help organize his kids sports activities.

SportLocker --- Simplified Sports Inc.


Simply put, SportLocker is the IMDb of sports. SportLocker will be the go-to sports database for web and mobile platforms, delivering extensive content, smooth navigation, and a sharp user-interface. SportLocker operates to provide the world’s finest sports database, delivering the highest quality team and player information, news, stats, scores and much more! Our company overview can be viewed at the following link: http://prezi.com/o9t0j-t48lvc/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share



Scan connects the real world with the digital universe through iBeacon, QR code, and other mobile scanning technologies.

The TECH-X Mission To seek out the most promising entrepreneurs, products, services and help xelelerate access to money, markets, and mentors. We measure the success of the program by the success of the participants.

Flight Apparel


We are two brothers in high school building a fantastic active apparel company - starting with socks. We create and sell unique, colorful, performance-oriented socks - selling via our website and other online channels. We plan to grow into a broader apparel company focused on creating fun, vibrant sports accessories like sport bands, sport-specific socks, racing shirts, and bags.



JobPiper offers scientific job matching. We use science to find job candidates that resemble a company's top performing employees.



You’ve got a garage band and have a small following but how do you get to the next level? We are connecting local unknown talent with the venue owners directly and giving them the ability to streamline the booking process.

Hruska's Kolaches


Hruska's Kolaches is a new restaurant in downtown Provo, bringing delicious baked goods to hungry customers every morning. We specialize in gourmet Kolaches, a Czech pastry usually topped with fruit or filled with savory, made from scratch ingredients.



iOS app that lets you schedule things to happen in the future. Texts, tweets, and emails.

Novi Security


Simple, no contract security for renters and home owners. Our system provides a picture notification when someone enters your home. We are taking the complexity out of home security

Linear Calendar


The first calendar to depict an entire year on one timeline.



Toastio is like Twitter for email - emails are limited to 350 characters, and all emails are shown in your private feed with no need to open threads to read or reply.

Wodobo offers in-person, classroom-based instruction on how to build a business website (including e-Commerce). A live classroom setting helps to ensure learning. We walk you through each step to build your site and get it up and running. Participants who complete the class work will leave the course with an eye-catching, fully functioning website, ready for their final touches. We want to help you avoid the excessive time, cost, and back-and forth that often comes with having others do your site.

Sphere Manufacturing


We produce low-cost, long-lasting 3D metal printers to make 3D printed metal parts affordable and available to a wider market.

Vicci Mobile Merchandise


At Vicci we believe that the desire for experience and belonging is embedded in our DNA. We have built the premier in-event merchandising platform to help fans get what they want, in these epic moments in life. Taking away the hassle of standing in a line, carrying their merchandise during the event, and even the hassle of thinking about it. Fans can get on our app, find their event, buy the merchandise that they want, and get back to enjoying the event.

Beehive Startups


Beehive Startups is an independent organization committed to covering Utah’s startup and tech ecosystem. We spotlight Utah startups; organize events tailored to the startup and tech community; report Utah startup and tech news; conduct in-depth interviews; and write extensive profile stories on Utah’s most compelling entrepreneurs — focusing on their latest ventures, past failures, and greatest achievements.

David R. Bradford, Business Consultant


Do Business Different Podcast


Do Business Different is focused on helping entrepreneurs navigate the roller coaster of running a business. As our guests take us through their stories, you get to hear about their victories, and defeats. You will find the lessons, and tools you need to keep pushing forward in your own journey.

M-Vac Systems


M-Vac Systems is a SDVOSB that manufactures and markets the M-Vac, a wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection device. The system consists of a durable item and several consumables, most of which are manufactured or assembled in Sandy, Utah. The company was initially formed as a R&D company focused on developing the M-Vac for the food safety industry. In 2012 we pivoted to the forensics industry after uncovering a win-win relationship with forensic DNA collection.

The City Launch


Hybrid Public Relations, traditional meets new media, emphasizing in launching new businesses, products and services through traditional and hybrid approaches.

Copper Urban


Strategic branding and marketing for startups. Lots of people have great ideas, we want to help make those ideas a reality.

Known for riveting tales of transformation, New York Times Bestselling Author & Speaker M. Bridget Cook created Inspired Legacy to help writers succeed in publishing. Her books are showcased on Oprah, Dateline, NPR, People, etc. Bridget has created Inspired Writer's Retreats, Boot Camps, WriteJUICY products & coaching to teach authors to conquer publishing challenges. A spellbinding storyteller, Bridget is an internationally sought-after speaker on conscious business, personal transformation & writing.

Nitro Silk


We are a blend of creativity and protein that will shape your job future for years to come.



YouTube! We have a passion for understanding why people share what they do. We have been behind some of the biggest videos on YouTube in the last couple years and have had over 20 videos on the front page

I.M. Nutrition


I.M. Nutrition is a health and wellness company, providing personal and online health consulting services. Our services include health consultations, grocery shopping tours, meal plans, and private cooking lessons. We teach people to have a healthy mindset towards food by preaching "food is our friend!"

Tabeso Inc.


Tabeso is the best way to bring your event listings to life. Instead of simply listing your events on your website, in hopes that your fans will go looking for them...why not bring your events to not only your fans, but also people that may be looking for events to attend? By listing your events in Tabeso, we can also add a widget and have those events stream to your website, easily share them across all your social media accounts and have them discoverable by geographical location in the Tabeso network.

Indie Provo


Local events and showcase of Provo's Indie scene. music - art - film - photography - fashion



We connect all of the cards in your wallet to your fingerprint.

App Camp


We believe that our children have the capacity and creativity to change the world. Our camp curriculum includes entrepreneurship, branding, design, and iOS development. Coming out of the camp these kids will know exactly how to go about coming up with an idea, survey the market, branding strategy, design fundamentals, industry-standard adobe creative suite programs, iOS fundamentals, and how to pitch to investors!



We help people discover, tell and experience great stories.

Tute Genomics


Tute is a robust, secure, clinical-grade, web application that lives in the cloud and has the ability to analyze and annotate entire human genomes in a rapid and cost-effective way.

App Raptors


App Raptors believe that in every human there is a creator. Creators who courageously act on their ideas are innovators. Our vision is to empower the innovator. We work with innovators from all sectors who want help getting their mobile or web app ideas refined, optimized for revenues, funded (not by us), and built. The company has been steadily growing for the last 5 years, but just recently we have started to really take off. In 2013, we were rated the #1 emerging business in the Utah Student 25.



Mobile advertising platform for communication apps. We allow brands to place ads in messaging apps when relevant to what the user is talking about.



Fametag is an app for teens that accurately shows them their true image and social influence at school.



Prefundia wants to help crowdfunding projects get backers before they launch their campaigns.

atly is the commons where expert instructors, inspiring content and eager students meet; where you teach and are taught; where instructing is about influencing and learning is about becoming. atly is where education and self-improvement intersect.

Pivit Labs


Software, marketing, physical products. Trying to narrow it down to just software :)

Crio Inc


We sell unique and healthy chocolate products. The first of which is cocoa beans that have been roasted and ground and can be brewed like coffee. We also have cocoa beans covered in dark chocolate.

Right Intel


The first intelligence delivery company that enables agencies and brands to better collect, curate, share, and collaborate on marketing intelligence.



DevMountain is Utah's first development bootcamp, helping students get a hands-on, mentor driven, intense experience in coding in the latest web technologies. The course is a twelve week program that operates out of Camp 4 in Provo.

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